Movie Review: Ajab p…ppp…fff..frame ki ggga…ga…gg..jab Kahani

Beat this – you are walking down the street with your girlfriend, and someone stops you and asks you if you are interested in a trip to Hawaii. All for 50 bucks. You say yes, very eagerly so. The dude then points you to the latest brand of Hawaii chappal. All for 50 bucks. That’s what Ajab Prem Ki Gajab Kahani Is.

It’s  A-JAB to break your FRAME.  APKGK is A movie that Santoshi made PK .

I had walked into the theater with high hopes, expecting to see a movie which was going to be different (these guys have also come up with APKGK comics as well, hum-tum style). The theater was housefull. India had just lost a match despite a thunderous innings from Sachin while chasing 351. The mood was somber, and a good light hearted comedy could have just been the right solution. But alas – Indian film-makers are rapists. They try to get you in a corner and rape you.  Of your sensibilities, money, and worst of all, your sense of humor.

The movie starts with a random Lord Hastings’ (or some Lord from Brit Era) mannequin harassing a dumb reporter looking for an “Ajab” story in this unnamed place, where nobody is to be seen. I knew that it’s likely going all downhill from here. But I had paid 300 bucks, and I had liked some of the songs. And I knew that Katrina Kaif was yet to come. At least there will be some visual delight in the movie.  That’s what I meant by cornering the unsuspecting audience like me.

After introducing an extremely over the top Ranbir Kapoor who has no idea why the bloody character of Prem was created in the first place, they introduce a “talking” Katz. C’mon, give me a break. Who pays money to hear Katz talk. She is supposed to walk in, look good, wear good dresses, smile a little, mumble some innocuous things, and dance, and make merry and leave. I would like to believe that Biwi is also usually happy to see Katz, for she might get some good dress, pumps and boot ideas.  But Santoshi does the unthinkable. She wants Katz to act. So here she is, stammering when she is upset, trying to act out of her skin. Totally justifying the salary she might be getting, she gets emotional, defends a set of mean foster parents, goes around town with Frame (that’s what it sounds like when Jenny calls out for Prem), and in the whole process, disappoints us beyond redemption. Sometimes, I wonder if the stammer-when-I-am-upset track was introduced simply to cover for Katz’s exquisity dialogue delivery.

Prem hangs out perennially with his friends, helping other people elope with their lovers. Not doing anything worthwhile, he runs happy club, which has no members, apparently. People come to play carrom, TT, etc. to happy club. And Prem is the smartest cookie in town, who is 9th fail, and he also stammers when upset. The character is so over the top that in one scene he actually falls from the top of a cliff, bicycle and thief asunder. The same thief vows revenge, and later becomes Don bhai, but the director forgets to remind him of his earlier reason of anger with Frame.  And so, they indulge in Priyadarshan style mindless fight scene where everyone is hitting everyone.

To be honest, I don’t have anything against Ranbir. I liked him in the bad movie Bachna Ae Haseeno, as well as the good movie “wake up sid”. I think the dood has potential if he can get over his doped look. But he is like Yuvraj Singh right now. Got sweet timing does not mean you can hit every ball outta the park. The characterization of frame is all over the place. In one shot, he is good for nothing. In another, he makes more than 5k per month just working as a halwai shop assistant. He walks to the halwai shop in a tie and shirt. Indian halwais sure are sure going places.

The worst though is reserved for a so-called special appearance from “Upen Patel”. Remember the UK return patel duuuude, who has acted in several movies as the sidekick now (like 36 China Town, Namastey London, etc.). His accent in the movie is thicker than waddi glass of lassi from Punjab, and surely thicker than Katz’s accent. He is a dude who is ready to settle down in Frankfurt and buy a Ferrai for Katz (Jenny). Frankfurt-Ferrari-Ferrari-Frankfurt.. you know.. the works… yeah yeah.. And buys a 1.5 Crore necklace for Jenny. And Jenny leaves him still. It’s got to be his extremely amazing histrionic skills that embarrassed Katz. How can I be seen with someone who looks like a patchwork and acts worse than Sunil Shetty in Balwan!!!

There are some saving graces – the best scenes of the movie are reserved for baap-beta interactions between Ranbir and Darshan Zariwala. Even though an extremely loud and hamming performance, Darshan still manages to deliver a few really funny ones.  Smita Jaykar as the mother is absolutely wonderful, especially in the scene where she is trying to stop Darshan from going to the bathroom because Katz is already in there. There is one scene where Ranbir comes with Jenny to a dance party. Slightly OTT, but Ranbir is fabulous in that scene.

The songs are good. But usually misplaced. In one song (kaise batayein), you almost get a feeling that it’s a Diamond ad. Not my company Diamond, but like a real Diamond. The kinds where actresses are wearing blank long dresses, and the brightness is artificially low, so that the glitter of the diamond is for everyone to see. Remember? Yeah, that kinds.  In another song, the whole city dances singing “Prem ki naiya hai ram ke bharose”. Yep. And it seems Allah Meherbaan to Gadha Pehelwaan. Nikhat Kazmi finds the movie to be worth four bloody stars. And I am sure there are others in his (or her?) ilk, who will find the movie adorable because Ranbir and Katz just look gorgeous on the screen.  Or, something like that.

In Masand style – I will go in with 1 star for this one, since it’s a bad movie, with a bad story, with bad characterizations, supported by bad acting and bad direction and  bad editing. The one star is for good songs, Smita Jaykar, and the Turkey shots in Kaise Batayein (given my recent trip to Turkey, I have an attachment to the place).


p.s. Turkey shots? ahem ahem… i am trying to imagine what it would be like to take turkey shots!! quite disturbing i guess!


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Conventional, boring, believer, poet, Shayar (to be precise), lover of music, musical instruments, and all that can be called music (theoretically or metaphorically), jack of all master of none, more of a reader less of a writer, arbit philosopher, foolish debater.. and many more such things.. like so many people!

13 Responses to Movie Review: Ajab p…ppp…fff..frame ki ggga…ga…gg..jab Kahani

  1. Mikhail Cazi says:

    Your review is too um… harsh..! Seriously, it wasn’t that bad..! The movie was quite nice… I do agree that that Lord Hastings was unnecessary… try not to be so harsh nexttime


  2. priya says:

    tu jane na song is a very nice, i love this song.


  3. priya says:



  4. Mitra says:

    Dude, me too got conned as I walked in as I liked Katz in the Turkey song 😉 and watching the choreography of ‘Prem ki naiyya’. Life’z like that – not fair most of the time 🙂


  5. Hey Amit,

    Good to see you make another post. I am taking your word for the movie and would wait until the cable wala airs it. Have you seen ‘Jail’? Let me know if you are planning to write its review too.

    – HT


  6. jujunye says:

    yes u r entitled to your opinion dude !!!!

    n i would recommend you sthg … go watch true decent bollywood comedies of the 1980’s and 1990’s n then may be think abt it again !!! bollywood is highly influenced by the west these days thats why movies such as these, which are just like coming back home are being thrashed… i m not even from india but i felt that way. Bollywood seems to have lost its identity … n movies like APKGK just comes right in the corner n reminds you of every possible bollywood formulas that has worked in the past without vulgarity n skin exposure n pls check out the boxoffice collections n now don’t tell me everyone except you is a fool !!!!


  7. Amit says:

    “Me”/”JUJUNYE” – You like it. I hate it. What would the world be if there was no difference of opinion. Where will the producers go if nobody liked the movie? Ultimately, this is my blog, my opinion. And I am happy to know that someone reads it ;). You should write a blogpost saying all good things about this movie, and post the link here. I will surely read with interest on what I missed. I should be entitled to my opinion, right?

    and yeah – on “THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK!” – Well, I was just WRITING. Not Speaking. So, I might have missed out on the thinking part! 😛

    Neha – point noted. Its a he not a she. But I wont be surprised if some day RKSan tells us that it was someone else who directed the movie under his name.


  8. ME! says:

    this film was NOT made 4 idiots like you who just want 2 find bad bits about every single scene!!
    the song blends in this movie was suberb! watch the flm again! that thoda thehar scene was so touching! perfect words for the perfect scene!
    u seem 2 b watchin too much tv dez dayz that y only adz go through your mind! the song tu jane na was DEFINETLY NOT like an ad! the moment b4 that was so beautiful.. the song emphasises that beauty!
    the only reason m saying this is i felt so ridiculed reading this review! u’ve totally crossed the lines of critisism.,
    ek film banane mei jitna tym ir effort lagta hai usko apne ek second mei trash kar diya., picture ke feeling dekhiye aur phir boliye!
    RK was absolutely perfect in this picture., its a bollywood film after all thodi toh ott hogi hi na!
    v go 2 watch film 2 get away from reality not 2 c the same old mar dhar! it was clean romantic comedy n hard work is definety reflected!


  9. Neha says:

    nice to see you back…This was more paisa vasool than the movie…we should avoid paid premieres for such movie and see such movie on saturday morning in chandan.
    one edit:-
    “But Santoshi does the unthinkable. She wants Katz to act.” Should it be “he”?


  10. jujunye says:

    your review is ridiculous and so are you !!! your opinion is independent of somebody else’s so stop commenting on somebody else’s opinion !!! eeewwww
    n by the way the movie was better than many bollywood comedies which are mostly vulgar at times …. so yes, In Masand style – I will go in with at least 3 stars for this one, since it’s a decent movie, with a decent story, with decent characterizations, supported by good acting, good direction and a rocking chemistry. The songs are best of what bollywood could get in 2009 !!!!


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