Only Human

Another one of my incomplete musings….******************

The world of prejudice seldom draws its inspiration from the skies above. The skies that are the same everywhere. HTe skies that are so different! Like the human heart. Pumping blood- all the same. Pumping emotions- Oh! So different!!

Tomorrow may not be the definition of uncertainty that could have saved immorality a thousand blushes. Today saves the face. People who look at tomorrow and its uncertainties have prejudices against immorality. People living in today- love them. Because- the uncertainties of today help them experiment with the possibilities of tomorrow.

Lets live the prejudice with a self-debasing immorality.

Time is running, the motion is fast,

Keep on dancing, the music wont last….

Time to go home….

Its time to go home
We’ve hung about just long enough
We’ve cared a bit too much
We’ve always known it’s a shadowless road
Guess its just the time to go home..
Holding hands may kill the past
A bit longer.. the future…
‘fore every word becomes a lump in the throat
Its time to go back home…

Lets go back to where we both belong
Caring but just not enough
Counting on, but never believing
The guidance of lady luck
Before the sun sets on us both
Its time to go back home

Lets call it quits while the sun still shines
The rights and wrongs go beyond our sight
Lets not regret what we’ve enjoyed the most
Its time to go back home…

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