An Idle Weekend: Captured On My Cellphone

A sunset near Bandra Fort

Some hard and spicy realities of life.. Struggle for survival

Some more sunsets at Bandstand (PDA was not fined at that point! and the tides weren’t so high. Check them out today!)

And a play at Prithvi

And some light reading through the night….

Can an idle weekend be better than this?

Fishes, Turtles n Whales

Fishes, Turtles n Whales
Originally uploaded by dingydas.

Pics from my trip to Shedd Aquarium (Chicago). You can always question


Well.. Just like that.. Or, its my “not just birds need be beautiful”

counter to my Bharatpur trip!

A Fraudie’s Marriage

Sagai Pics.

Not Really Good! But Memories, even if they are faded, are worth having!

Marriage Pics

The Holy Couple

Saat Phere!!

Arunima.. Lucky Girl

Luckier Bugger! 😀

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