Aapki Yaad Aati Rahi (Makhdoom/ Chaya Ganguly)

Here is a ghazal by Makhdoom Mohiuddin and beautifully rendered by Chaya Ganguly.

What follows is my feeble attempt at a literal translation (hoping that I don’t add my interpretation to it)

Aap ki yaad aatee rahee raat bhar
Chashm-e-nam muskaratee rahee raat bhar

The night was haunted by your memories
And my teary eyes smiled all night long

Raat bhar dard ki shamma jaltee rahee
Gham ki lau thartharatee rahee raat bhar

The candles of pain kept the night awake
And the flames of sadness kept flickering all night long

Bansuri ki surilee suhanee sada
Yaad ban ban kay aatee rahi raat bhar

Ah, the sweet soulful yearning of the flute
Kept tugging at my memories all night long

Yaad kay chaand dil mein utartay rahay
Chandni jagmagatee rahi raat bhar

As the moons of a memory would set in my heart
The moonlight kept shining like a beacon all night long

Koee deevana galiyon mein phirta raha
Koee aawaz aati rahi raat bhar

A forelorn lover kept wandering the streets
And a voice could well be heard all night long

When Makdhoom died, Faiz wrote the following lines in his memory (“Makhdoom ki yaad mein”–Faiz Ahmed Faiz)

“Aap ki yaad aati rahi raat bhar”
chaandni dil dukhaati rahi raat bhar

The night was haunted by your memories
And the moonlights made my heart bleed all night long

gaah jalti hui, gaah bujhti hui
shamm-e-gham jhilmilaati rahi raat bhar

Restlessly, it flickered at times, at times it didn’t
The flame of sadness kept shining all night long

koi khushboo badalti rahi pairahan
koi tasveer gaati rahi raat bhar

A fragrance kept changing its body all night
And a portrait kept singing all night long

phir sabaa saaya-e-shaakh-e-gul ke talay
koi qissa sunaati rahi raat bhar

And again, in the shades of blossomed tree
A gentle breeze narrated some tales  all night long

jo na aaya use koi zanjeer-e-dar
har sadaa par bulaati rahi raat bhar

The chains of the courtyard, with every call,
Sought him, who did not turn up, all night long

eik ummeed se dil behalta raha
ik tamanna sataati rahi raat bhar

A hope kept my heart at bay
And a desire kept burning within all night long

(Faiz–Sept 1978, Moscow)


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Conventional, boring, believer, poet, Shayar (to be precise), lover of music, musical instruments, and all that can be called music (theoretically or metaphorically), jack of all master of none, more of a reader less of a writer, arbit philosopher, foolish debater.. and many more such things.. like so many people!

6 Responses to Aapki Yaad Aati Rahi (Makhdoom/ Chaya Ganguly)

  1. rahber says:

    Bahut khoob kabir sir,
    But plz don’t mind

    Second last sher ka misra e oola be baher hai

    And last sher is totally dam

    Oopar ke sher kiske churaye hain bhai
    Unko meri taraf se waah waah kah dena yaar


  2. saatyaki says:

    Sarmaya” is a collection of poetry edited jointly by Sri.Swadhin , welknown Hindi poet of Hyderabad and Nusrath , Makhdoom’s son. Sarmaya a has photo of Makhdoom and Indira Dhanrajgir. More interestingly, It has a letter by Makhdoom addressed to her written from Tashkent on May 2nd,1968. Their Love Relation is a golden era in Deccan Gazal , and history.


  3. Nusrath Mohiuddin S/o Maqdoom Mohiuddin passed away on 4.4.2013. RIP to his soul.
    What is tragic is to whom he was close to during his life time did not turn up to pay last tributes to him . Indira Dhanrajgir who was close to his father for decades did not bother to see his mortal remains. Nusrath was loyal and committed to her till the last moment. He used to be with her in all her meetings and family get togethers. Even when Maqdoom passed away she did not visit his house to pay last tribute. Maqdoom sahab passed away in Delhi and his body was brought to Hyderabad in August 1969. She was holidaying in Mauritius with her new love. Such people have no human values / sentiments.


  4. Maqdoom Mohiuddin- Quli Qutub Shah

    Maqdoom Mohiuddin is Quli Qutub Shah of 20th century. Quli laid the foundation of gazal. It is a historical fact that in the hands of Maqdoom gazal attained amazing heights and its crowing glory. Bhagmathi (Lady Love) inspired and enticed Quli into love gazal. Similarly, there was lady love in Maqdoom’s life and literature also. Ms.Indira Dhanrajgir is life-force of Maqdoom’s love gazals. All his love gazals are addressed to her. Ms.Indira is Bhagmathi of Maqdoom’s life and 20th century urdu gazal. Indira Ji’s name appears conspicuously in several pages in his Magnum Opus ‘Bisat-e-Raks”. Without an elaborate discussion on this vital aspect any account of Maqdoom’s life or poetry is shallow and meaningless. All the researchers and critics should work on this component of Maqdoom’s literature.


  5. Kabir hussain says:

    This is my tribute to makdoom mohiuddin sir.

    aap ki yaad ati rahi raat bhar,
    dil ka dar khat khatati rahi raat bhar,

    chhed kar phir wohi nagma-e-dil shikaan,
    chandni dil jalati rahi raat bhar,

    jaise tarsaaye koi dasht mein aab ko,
    raat aisey satati rahi raat bhar,

    hasraton ki shama phir se jalne lagi,
    dil mein arzoo jhilmilati rahi raat bhar,

    koi gul fiza mein mahekta raha,
    koi khusboo ati rahi raat bhar,


  6. Kabir hussain says:

    I want to give tribute to makdoom mohiuddin.


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