Movie Review: Dor – How far can you go…..

People keep asking me – what the heck is this analytics thingy that you do? How is the analytics done by you different from what we’re doing and how we’re doing it?

Dont expect an answer in this post. This post, however, is about what I think of the 2 recent movies I saw.

Lets start with “Dor” first.

I missed the first ten minutes of the movie, but my friends did not mind getting into the gory detail of what happened in those ten minutes. However, my comments would reflect the remaining part of the movie.

Its largely about Zeenat (Gul Panag) and a little about Meera (Ayesha Takia), and still lesser about Behroopia (Shreyas). But the man who does leave his mark is the ‘man’- Shreyas. After a very silent performance in Iqbal, iqbal’s delivery in this movie takes us through his imitations of bollywood icons and I must say that he has done a good job. His performance has a level of sensibility and timing that is very refreshing. Especially, the portrayal of conflicting emotions – smiling when doesnt want to, loving zeenat but realizing that he is helping her save her husband, restraint and effervescence. If history is the reflection of future, I think he is a good find for the industry, along with Shiney Ahuja.
I should not take the credit away from Ayesha either. With no makeup and the fact that half the world likes her because of her looks (that is, before this movie), it was a bold move to get into such a de-glamorized role. And she has pulled it off with consummate ease. She adds that element of freshness to an otherwise serious storyline, with her take on Kajra Re, and You are my Sonia.

Gul Panag, on the other hand, had the msot powerful character in the movie, and well, she hasnt done wonders to it. She hasn’t spoilt it either. But its these roles that distinguish the goods from the me-toos.

Now lets talk about the defining things about the movie –

1. Direction – Very tight, crisp, and to the point. There isnt much beating around the bush, trying to create situations where a heavy dialogue is delivered by the protagonists, trying to glorify the goods or the bads. The characters are well defined, the music is in the background, not interferring with the movie.
2. Cinematography – I loved it. Widescreen, panoramic views. Rusty locales that speak of tradition, culture and heritage. Villages and kothis that look like they belong, and not pulled out of some king’s palace. Long Shots that do justice to the sunset. Deserts that look intimidating, and at the same time, you can feel the comfort that someone who’s been there for a long time would feel. In short, a beautifully done movie.
3. Music- nice and unobtrusive. You dont feel that you’ve already heard 3-4 songs.
4. Acting – good overall. Shreyas shines with his cameo. Ayesha looks pretty even without makeup and has done a fabulous job. Gul Panag – decent. Girish Karnad – wasted!
5. Script – nice dialogues. fitting the characters. Zeenat does not talk in long winded sentences. Meera has her initial confused statements where she finds it difficult to express her real emotions. Behroopia talks the sweet language of behroopias. Touch of Rajasthani accent. They could have added a bit more of rajasthani accent to Meera’s family.

Part 2 of my blog, which is blog-in-waiting, will cover my serious take on Lage Raho Munnabhai

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  1. Amit says:

    Thank you monseiur. Am sorry about my absences! 🙂

    Will try and be a little more regular now! 😀

    Follows excerpts from my Oscar Speech – “Its with your love and support and admiration that I am able to perform at this level”!


  2. maverick says:

    welcome bk to blogland..we your readers know how busy you are and and as such grateful when you do make appearances! 🙂


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