Of Blogs here and there

Was reading Mug’s blog on Sleeplesss nights... though not quite in Seattle..

Qatil Shifai suddenly came alive

“Humen to aaj ki shab pau phate tak jaagna hoga
yahi qismat hamari hai, sitaron tum to so jao….”

Tonight I need to be up until dawn,
Thats my destiny, O heavens! You should go to sleep now

Was reading Dhoomketu on Jose Mourinho and…

.. Ghalib was peeping this time

“Har ek baat pe kehte ho tum ki tu kya hai?
Tumhi kaho ki ye andaaz-e-guftgu kya hai?”

With every phrase, you ask me- Who am I?
Is this the language of the learned and the wise?

And the last was Sunil’s Porch when it was Ghalib and Zafar engaged in a battle of wits-

“Hui Muddat ke Ghalib mar gaya par yaad aata hai
Wo har ik baat pe kehna ki yun hota to kya hota….”

Its been ages since Ghalib died, but not his memories
Especially his style- Especially his What ifs?

“Mohabbat karne wale kam na honge…
Teri mehfil mein lekin hum na honge….”

There won’t be a dearth of suitors, I am sure
You’ll still crave for my love, mon amour

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