Bye Bye Birdie

Goodbye Current Job!. My home close to home for 2 years. 🙂 It takes a lot to drag yourself out of office here to go home.

A lot of silence at home to continue with the unfinished work
A lot of angry family members at home.
A lot of anger/frustration/diffidence.
A lot of energy to have some still left for driving back home.

Before I go – some “quick n dirty comments” about the “nature of the beast” which is “still evolving” in a “high growth environment”

The upside – the long hours mean that you end up making a lot of good friends. Your partners in crime, your darlings in distress!

The clincher- Inductees are a Smart bunch of buggers. You can take a smart bugger out of Inductis, but you cannot take smartness out of Inductis buggers. That probably is the single biggest reason why it took me 2 years to say No!

The frills – The IT security policy is still not fool-proof. 🙂 So, at any point in time, LAN has a lot of movies, cartoons and music!

The Ayes – its interesting work!

The Nayes – its too much of work!!

The irritants – Too much confusion!

The downside – Its a small company wanting to become a big company. So it adopted the big company culture while they were still too small to act big.

Future.. remains futuristic.. ‘ere I come!

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