You’ve got time?

Its funny how the evening changes if you reach home early (?). Well.. I did leave office by 8 PM today!  THAT was like a BIG news for me. And a pleasant change. Even after taking care of a couple of things, I realized that I was home by 9:30.

Anyways.. so what did I do? I made some soup and pasta for myself…  put VH1 onTV. picked The Golem’s Eye for continuing from where I had left – yeah.. the point where the concept of Golem is introduced. But kept it aside. Started writing this. Plan to scrap at least 10 people on Orkut. Finish off all my pending blogreading. And then.. get back to my friend.. Golem!

So.. what do people do when they have time? Apart from spending a big part of it on cellphone?

About Amit
Conventional, boring, believer, poet, Shayar (to be precise), lover of music, musical instruments, and all that can be called music (theoretically or metaphorically), jack of all master of none, more of a reader less of a writer, arbit philosopher, foolish debater.. and many more such things.. like so many people!

2 Responses to You’ve got time?

  1. Amit says:

    well.. ROI can be measured in long term.. and short term.. be careful… the cost of capital is different in these two scenarios!


  2. Sreejith says:

    So true.. time is certainly a rare commodity. I better put it to good use and get good ROI on it 🙂


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