Talent & Excellence

In two related-unrelated articles of Economic Times –

1. The first if from Corporate Dossier, written by Sharmila Ganguly from Spenta Consultants. I remember having a short conversation  with her more than a couple of years back, when they were looking for someone for the National Bank of Dubai & HSBC CIBM later on.

However, thats not important. The article is. Its something that I’ve always believed in. Excellence does not manifest itself in parts. Talent may! People who excel in life never take anything casually. Passion drives everything they do. After 18 hours of energy oozing all around, they have a smile on their face and determination in their head even as they hit the sack. And yes, I have had the pleasure of meeting a few of them!

Am I one of them? I don’t think so!  Might have wanted to be one! But as Shikamaru always says – mendokusē (“what a drag”) 😉

“Unko gauhar mile jo doob ke teh tak pahunche,
Main tha saahil pe mujhe ret ke zarRat mile.”

Gauhar – Pearl     teh – bottom    Saahil – Kinara/Beach     ret-Sand

Are you one of them?

2. This one, here, is just a pointer. The top headhunters of this country..  They identify talent, and the organizations hope that they are excellent. My guess is that these top Headhunters are able to identify people who are not just talented. They are able to identify excellent! Ahem Ahem! Do you know them?

Me.. I have interacted with a couple of them in the past!

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