At times its a little difficult to understand. Not just your silence, but also your words…

” You remember? The times when we had a lot of time. A lot of time to think about the lot of time that we could use. These days its a little different. We don’t have time.”

You seem to have forgotten! You don’t seem to miss anything anymore…

“Don’t I? Let me think. To be honest, I have never been a good multi-tasker. I need time to get things done.”

Ahh.. I dont agree. I think you do multi-task quite well.

“Well.. you shouldnt be saying that…”


“If I were a good multi-tasker, I wouldn’t have forgotten. I would still miss.”





I mean.. you would not have missed. You would have done..

“So… what is it?”

The letter you wrote a zillion aeons back…


About changing.. and still being the same..


You still are the same! You still have a lot of time.


You have changed as well. You don’t do the same things anymore!

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