B-rating them… C who got pulped!!

Picked from SARIN’s blog

please appreciate the talent in creating this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9Sz8u4GcX0

and then read the narrative at: http://www.geocities.com/sarinsuares/Samhar.doc

Oh! I love this.. I just love this! Its the kind of sadistic pleasure I derive from totally frivolous things. IIM Bangalore thrashing the shit out of IIM Calcutta- in a sports festival. A college with 75% attendance requirement (B) beating the shit out of a college where people take pride in having no attendance requirement (C). Where the USP over the years has been their life beyond academics culture ;)… LOL… ROTFL..

Vinod may pull my bonus down because of this post… But does it look like I care! 😉

And now, I am just waiting to hear IIMCians come up with all sort of wise-cracks about why and how they lost!! “And we thought there could B no one worse than XL”.. LOL… LORL… “Now can you C what’s worse than XL?”

Guys- Sista, Nishant and all you guys.. you just made my day! my week.. my month! 🙂 Its gonna be great fun! 😀

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