Surrogate Caste System: Of Snobs and Snobs

I had an interesting discussion about Snobs/Rich/casteism with P a couple of days back. Much as we disagreed on my POV, I thought it was quite interesting. So, here it is –

P mentioned that LSR, an elite college in Delhi University, had a caste system of its own, despite the fact that it boasted of some of the most intelligent/educated women of/around Delhi. They  must all be people with high percentages and high ambition to have got into this elite institution. And even there, some kinda class system existed.  There were snobs of different kinds, is what was mentioned.

Now, here, I came up with my maxim – “Caste system is a gift to the society from the elites (?) because it justifies their position as elites. So, an elitist society cannot help but create a new caste system to justify the better elites. And so, it has been traditionally.”
This manifests itself in many ways – the masses (or, the non-elite) huddle together (and someone writes a book called the wisdom of crowds). Or, there are lesser number of within the caste factions (not divisions) amongst lower caste people. Compared to that, amongst the upper caste, there are surrogate divisions that exits. The rich and the super rich are two different breeds, who are very different from the nouveau riche. First generation rich people are different from second generation rich, and so on and so forth. The elite thrive on their differentiation from others. Even if you put them amongst elites, their need to be different is high, and hence the upper class caste system, as can be seen in a college like LSR, or a street like the Fifth Ave. in NY.
What do you think?

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5 Responses to Surrogate Caste System: Of Snobs and Snobs

  1. rambhai says:

    every likes the fact that they are special the forget the old sayin “it is so simple to be important but it is so important to be simple”. well i guess man is a social animal only the fatc that he want to be above the society~~`


  2. Amit says:

    Princess – Its something like a continuity of thought. At a sublime level, you need this friction to keep this world moving!


  3. Cash Savings says:

    Guess what? Your blog is amazing! I can’t remember when was the last time i’ve overcome such a good blog that almost all articles/posts were interesting and wouldn’t regret spending my time reading it. I hope you will keep up the great work you are doing here and i can enjoy my everyday read at your blog.


  4. An extremely interesting article. I suppose there are some traits present in man that can never be completely eradicated from society. The establishment of classes. In practically all spheres of life, throughout the ages, it’s always been present. The ‘uppers’ and the ‘lowers’. And a hierarchical system within that.


  5. Sreejith says:

    everyone wants to feel special… unfortunately at the expense of others!


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