One of my all-time favs

A ghazal that I dont have the MP3 of.. and I have been desperately searching for it..

Movie: Mammo (1994) Director: Shyam Benegal

Farida Jalal is awesome in this movie. and this song is just pure simple awesome!


Lyrics –
ये फ़ासले तेरी
गलियों के हमसे तय न हुए -२
हज़ार बार रुके हम
हज़ार बार चले -२
Ye faasle teri galiyon ke, humse taiy na hue… Hazar baar ruke hum, hazaar baar chale…

ना जाने कौन सी मट्टी
वतन की मट्टी थी
नज़र में धूल, जिगर
में लिये गुबार चले
Na jaane kaun si mitti watan ki mitti thee, nazar mein dhool, jigar mein liye gubar chale
हज़ार बार रुके हम
हज़ार बार चले -२

ये कैसी सरहदें उलझी
हुई हैं पैरों में -२
हम अपने घर की तरफ़ उठ
के बार बार चले
ye kaisi sarhadein uljhi hui hain pairon mien, hum apne ghar ki taraf uth ke baar baar chale
हज़ार बार रुके हम
हज़ार बार चले -२

ना रास्ता कहीं ठहरा,
ना मंजिलें ठहरी -२
ये उम्र उडती हुई
गर्द में गुज़ार चले
na raasta kahin thehra na manzilein thehrin, ye umr udti hui gard mein guzaar chale..
हज़ार बार रुके हम
हज़ार बार चले -२
hazar baar ruke hum hazar baar chale…

ये फ़ासले तेरी
गलियों के हमसे तय न हुए
हज़ार बार रुके हम
हज़ार बार चले
ye faasle teri galiyon ke humse taiy na hue, hazar baar ruke hum hazaar bar chale

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52 Responses to One of my all-time favs

  1. Kunal says:

    This is such an old threadwouls be a miracle is come one replies to this. But I’m dying to get the mp3 file for this.

  2. Ankit Upadhyaya says:

    Amit I am a big fan of Gulzar and Jagjit Singh as well.Could you please send me this beautiful in mp3 format at ? It really nice of you…Thanks for sharing this ya…:)

  3. shanu says:

    Please send me full version of the song thnks in advance

  4. sheed says:

    Many people seem to have this gajal in mp3 format here, will some one please send it to me to my e-mail address?

  5. Azaz Sayyad says:

    Hello everyone i can provide the link for the movie to download. Reply if anyone wants. This movie is just great

  6. P says:

    Hi, amit
    i need the full song which includes the last paragraph
    ना रास्ता कहीं ठहरा,
    ना मंजिलें ठहरी -२
    ये उम्र उडती हुई
    गर्द में गुज़ार चले

    becos i have got this song everywhere without this paragraph, thanx a lot in advance. my id is

  7. Vikas Vasudeva says:

    Hi Amit,

    Can you please share this mp3 with me also. My e-mail id is

  8. Amit says:

    Just sent to you folks.. Enjoy

  9. ItzNik says:

    plz send me the mp3. thnks in advance……

  10. Amit says:

    Youtube has the movie, it seems –

    and so on..

  11. Amit says:

    Sharmishtha – I think its a must see..

    Ghosh – sent again!

  12. sharmishtha says:

    this is a movie i wanted to see but just did not get the chances. beautiful and touching lyrics.

  13. Amit says:

    Hope all of you received the MP3 file.

  14. Lust for life says:

    Hi Amit,

    Watched the movie Mammo recently. Now that you say it as your all time favs, i feel like listening to this song. Can you please send?
    Also, thanks for posting Amod-Aparna’s marriage pics. She’s a friend.

  15. Anup says:

    Hi Guys,

    Thanks for this posting. please can someone send me the audio song in mp3 format at this email id:

    Thanks in advance.

  16. Pallavi says:

    Please send me MP3…..

  17. Neelesh says:

    I have been searching for this song for the last 15 odd years, I remember seeing this movie on Doordarshan. I will be very happy if you could send me the mp3. The song is heart wrenching it gives me goosebumps every time i hear it. Very beautiful and sensitive movie and fabulous acting. A true Shyam Benegal classic.

  18. Anubhav says:


    I am desprately searching for this song in mp3 format.. could anyone plz send me a copy of it on my email id? its

    I will be very grateful…

    Thanks in advance.

  19. Amit says:

    Siddartha.. will send over the ghazal…

  20. Amit says:

    @Sofiya @Vaseem @Shankar @Samik.. will do that shortly…

    • siddartha says:

      Ye faasle teri galiyon ke humse tay na huye…

      Dost Amit – will be grateful if you can mail me this haunting ghazal to sikdars [at] gmail

    • Mahima says:

      Please send me the mp3 version of the song. I have been looking for this song from a long time. will be gr8ful if ny1 cud help 😦


    • Shastri says:

      Hi Amit. Not sure if you still check this forum. But I just saw this film for a class I am doing and was incredibly moved. Please send me the song. I would be grateful. My email is

  21. Shankar says:

    Hi Amit,
    Please send me the mp3 version of the song. I’ve been looking for this song for three years.

    Thanks a ton.

  22. samik says:

    Hi ,
    Can anyone please send me the song ? I shall be very thankful . Plzzzz ..
    My email ID

  23. Vaseem says:

    Hi Amit, plz send me the full song of Mammo- Ye faasle teri galiyon ke humse tay na huye… I will be really greatful to you as it is a very soothing and brilliant song …!!! My e-mail id is –

    Many Thanks….!!

  24. sofiya says:

    Thank you so much for the lyrics and a youtube link! I have been looking for this song everywhere, does anyone have the mp3? My email address is

  25. Dev says:

    Hi amit,

    Can you please send me the mp3 for the gazal yeh false teri galiyon ke….from mammo…..plz plz pplz…

  26. Amit says:

    Will send it over to your email soon

  27. Satya Dash says:

    Hi Amit
    One more fan of the song Hazara bar ruke hum hazar bar chale..Can i get mp3 version of that song..please. I have filled my email id too.

  28. Amit says:

    sure.. will send across! its a lovely song!

  29. Gaurav says:

    Hi amit

    can u please send me the song yeh faasle-mammo in mp3 format to my email address as an attachment i will be thankful to you.

    great jagjit singh fan

  30. Amit says:

    I can send it to you if you leave your email id behind

  31. Sheryar says:

    Hi, I would really appreciate if anyone can send me this song. I am absolutely in love with it but cant find it anywhere.


  32. Amit says:

    Thanks Fritz! I have the MP3 and the video now! totally awesome!! but in my case MP3 is extracted from the video.. and hence low quality.. do you have a better quality one?”

  33. Absoluetly, just recently got the MP3 do tell me if you want the MP3, I’ll mail it to you!

  34. Amit says:

    Mammo is awesome.. I’ve been looking for the movie but havent got the cd yet..
    and yes.. Farida Jalal has been taken the pinnacle by Benegal..

  35. I saw Mammo twice when I was young. I cried, but I don’t remember during which part of the film had my eyes brimmed. This film is certainly the apogee of Farida Jalal’s career as an actor.

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