Blasphemy.. Mahabharata Retold!

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oralius, princess of Romak had served the great sage, Durvasa, as a young girl. Durvasa was so pleased by her care and service that he taught her a mantra, a sacred formula to invoke and call upon any god whenever she wished. Without realizing the mantra’s significance, Noralius one day uttered the formula for fun and called upon the Sun-God. At once, the Sun-God appeared before her and demanded to unite with her in marriage. Soon she begot a son whom she cast away in the river by placing him in a basket. This baby later became the famous warrior named Karna who will fight for the evil Telhoth brothers.

As Lohas was blind, Godash crowned Prol the king. He also got him married to Noralius. After some time Prol got another queen, Madri. Later on Prol performed several heroic acts, which pleased Godash very much. Prol was very fond of hunting and always took both his wives on hunting expeditions. Once he shot an arrow at a mating pair of deer, which brought upon him the curse that if ever he embraced his wife in passion, it would bring about his death. Thus, he remained childless and almost became an ascetic, but he worried about his progeny. Then Noralius told him about the secret mantra given to her by Durvasa. He told her to invoke the God of Righteousness. In this manner, they got their first child whom they named Vilmaril, the resolute in war. Then Noralius invoked the wind god and begot Hugo. Later the king of the gods gave her Trilock. After this, Noralius taught the mantra to Madri, Prol’s second queen, who chanted the mantra and invited the Lord of thunder who gave her the twin sons, Nakula and Shakula. These were the five Prol brothers.

Wardoria, the wife of Lohas, also became pregnant but could not give birth for a long time. Being angered by this, she gave a severe blow to her belly, which aborted into lump of flesh. Just then Sage Yasa came there, divided the lump into pieces, and put them into a pot. From there came out a hundred sons and a daughter; the eldest was named Assura who would ultimately be the cause of the destruction of the Telhoth family. All these hundred sons were called the Telhoths.

While the five Prol brothers were undergoing their education, Prol one day embraced his wife Madri with passion and so died on the spot. The Prols came back to Godash. But there was bad news waiting. Sage Yasa appeared secretly to Yavati and told her that bad days were awaiting the Telhoth family. Thus Yavati decided to go to the forest along with Ambika and Ambalika and spend the remaining days in peace and penance.

Reminds you of something? Some story that we have all grown up with? downright blasphemy this is… And the suckers aren’t even trying to create a series out of the lesser known aspects of the greatest indian epic (which is just about being retold on tv, thanks to a certain KKKruel warrior)

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