I dont quite understand a few things

There are a lot of things that I dont quite understand – 

1. Indians and their “excitement” for Obama becoming the president. A lot of pravasi bhartiya peepul in India volunteered, campaigned, called friends for support, and celebrated for Obama. I can understand that he was the better of the two, and its a change that’s big for America. But what was different for the desis this time?
2. An army-man selling his soul and getting so many people killed.
3. A joker of a politician able to incite commoners into getting a debate about north vs. south divide
4. A joker of a government not able to stem the violence that ensues because of this
5. A young man getting killed as he decides to take the law in his own hands, and the law decides to act inhuman
6. Six couples I know divorced within the first year of their marriage. Reasons – compatability issues or ability to get along with spouse’s parents. Some of these were love marriages. 
7. The road in front of my apartment (in Mumbai) has been broken for the last 2 years in Mumbai. The road that leads to my village is being built for the last 2 years.
8. Lalu took over Bihar once, and the state went into complete darkness. He took over railways. It turned around and started making profits.
9. Is there truth in this statement – is  Bihar to India what India has traditionally been to the world – a land of snake charmers?
10. How many Marathi manoos are in US? or Gujarat? or dubai? How many gujjus are in mumbai? how many punjabis are in toronto? south-hall? how many tamils-telugus in the bay area? How many Biharis are in Delhi? Mumbai? Is Raj Thackeray starting a global confinement revolution where people stick where they are from? And there are people who dont find his idea ridiculous?
11. The richest city in India – Mumbai, with citizens with the best civic sense has the worst metropolitan infrastructure (I dont need to be reminded about the overloaded locals). And Delhi – with the worst civic sense, has the best? Even the most erudite and educated south indians are not able to match the will of the politically corrupt stablehouse of India?
12. Kolkata apparently had more than 100 days of bandhs in the last year. Did anyone calculate the loss? What was the government doing? Or is it a way of having as many working days in an year as one should have leaves?
13. Dynamic airline pricing in the indian context? Except for a few occasions (like Diwali), can’t you almost predict the prices to the last rupee? Is it really dynamic?
14. Deccan being rebranded as KF Red?
15. Delhi Gurgaon Highway Toll Plaza not ready to impose additional toll on cars that use the Tag/card lane without having Tag/card and clogging the traffic for TAg buyers?
16. The rise, fall, rise, etc of Indian cricket, and the demands on senior player’s performance. Is the debate always about merit? or is it often about our expectations from them?

and many such things. But then, its fine I guess! 

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