Fiction Fragment: The Call

I waited and I waited. People think its ridiculous, and it was a misery I had brought upon myself. But I knew better. I knew what it meant to be responsible. At least I thought I knew.

That night too, it was 3AM and I was driving back home. I suddenly got a call from a very familiar voice on the other side. I was in a hurry to get back home, but that voice and that call made me pull over. My stomach was churning with the sensatiopnal feeling of bile juice rising up and down like a bucket full of water does when you try to drag it along on a high friction surface. I had not eaten anything for the last 18 hours. And even now, I knew that getting home would not mean that I would get something to eat. First, she was not at home. Second, I had finished off all the leftover stuff already. There was bottle of Gatorade though. Is there a roadside eatery open at this hour? I am sure there is. I just did not know which one and where. I hated that call. I had told them that I will be home in 15 minutes. Can’t they wait till then?

I had been with them on the phone for the last 4 hours. Talking, fighting, reasoning, debating… just getting ready for what was going to happen.

By the time the call got over, in all of about half a minute, I was seething with rage. WHY? WHY??? My whole evening flashed in front of me. The refusal to talk, cancellation of plans, leaving for friends place because waiting was just not worth it, my 4 hour marathon, my hungry growling stomach, everything.

He had said, “Stephen is busy. We won’t be having the call today. Its been pushed out for tomorrow. So, we have 24 more hours to work on this deck!”

Short Story: Notebook

Being stuck with his car for the last three hours was not fun. And he wasn’t expecting the next three to be fun either. He had a pack of cigarettes, a book, a car with 3 flat tyres, a car stereo and one audio cd with 9 tracks, no radio network, hundreds of trees, lots of grass, a fabulous view of the ocean and a beautiful girl to give him company. The audio cd had 9 tracks. 9 fabulous tracks. Carefully handpicked for a potential romantic or unromantic drive of about an hour. The sequence was something that he had mentally planned. Starting from “ye shaam mastaani” to “woh shaam kuch ajeeb thi”.. And somehow, this particularly romantic setting was just not working out in his favor. Because he wanted to talk. Thats the only thing that was magical between them. Their conversation… Can you beat that? The only thing magical between them was their conversation. Stored in three spiral bound matrix notebooks. One month and three notebooks… He was cursing himself in the highest pitch. She was troubled, sorry, but oblivious to his curses.

If only she could hear. If only she could talk. If only he had brought a pen and a paper….


Statistically “Significant” Other

Isnt XKCD awesome?? 🙂


(hat tip: Subhra)

Featured Institution: Rang De

I came across a site – Rang De ( and I find it to be an exceptional concept. 

[Disclaimer: I have not done any background check on them yet. But the idea in itself is a very appealing and novel one to me]

For me, this is the kind of microfinance site I would love to encourage. I am quoting some of the things I read from the site. 

“Through Rang De we hope that many of us will be able to share and spread the colours of joy with other individuals. Rang De is an attempt to bring together the India that is economically progressing rapidly and the India that has been ignored and needs all our attention. Rang De is a platform for individuals to make a sustainable difference and join a mission to alleviate poverty…”

The Core beliefs that shaped Rang De are:

  1. That most social issues if not all, are manifestations of poverty. Unless we address poverty holistically, our attempts will remain futile.
  2. That microcredit is a sustainable means of alleviating poverty if it is affordable and can be accessed by all.
  3. That charity and donations are hardly sustainable means to financial independence. In fact, it hinders an individual’s spirit to fight against poverty.

Rang De’s mission is to make microcredit accessible to all by lowering interest rates by doing things differently. To know how you can become a part of this mission please read further. 

    How Rang De works?  

    Step 1. Register and become a Social Investor. 

    Step 2. Choose borrowers to make a social investment. You can invest as little as Rs.500. 

    Step 3. Rang De ’s field partners receive and disburse loans to their borrowers. 

    Step 4. Borrower repays loan according to a repayment schedule. 

    Step 5. You receive a return of 3.5% on your social investment at the end of the tenure. 

I encourage all the visitors to this site/ readers to the blog to check the site out. The small amounts that you can donate are often less than the amount that people spend on dining outside. 

Poem: A Lie

i died
a few days back
in the courtyard
of a momentary palace
jesuit chalice
of him and her
death by the color
of black and white
he asked me
if I wrote a prose
stuck a pose
poked my nose
from up so close
he wanted to know
if I lied
when i said
I died
a few years back

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