Asia Cup Final – one beats eleven

Lethal weapon, I must say

It was quite something to watch him demolish the Indian top order. And barring a couple of bad shots (like Raina’s), the credit goes totally to the man of the moment. Did people notice his front wrist action and the way he was turning the ball both ways with an almost similar action? Not even the usual agonizing ways of doosra! But for the fact that the spin-inexperienced Indian side were getting thulped, I loved this young lad’s bowling.

And to classify my last statement, yes- that’s what I think. MSD, Yuvi, Rohit, Raina and Gambhir are all good and nice. But not the best when it comes to playing quality spin bowlers. Indian batsmen of yesteryears, known to belittle the spinners across the globe, where art thou???

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