The Greatest Movie Ever Made – rewatched.

And the verdict is- it stays so. And hence, it should not be reviewed.


I saw it again. On big screen. In 3d. And it didn’t change a damn thing. Sholay is mindblowingly awesome fun. You know every scene, every dialogue, every twist and turn. You know the funny ones and the poignant ones. There are no surprises.

Yet, you long for the Jai-Radha romance once again. Yet, you laugh at Basanti’s yun ki once again. Yet again you fall in love with Gabbar. And Imam Saheb- itna sannata kyun hai bhai. The death of Ahmad still affects. And you still shed a secret tear when Jai dies. You still remember the susaad of veeru, and the haath-nahi-faansi-ka-fandaa-hai wala thakur. You are wont to concede that mehbooba mehbooba is one of the finest item numbers of all times. And Soorma Bhopali and angrejon ke jamaane ka jailor are the most important shortest comic acts of all times. Jaya might have delivered one of the finest silent scenes of all times. And Sambha probabkly is the most iconic sidekick of a villain ever. With just one dialogue in the movie! And you secretly (or vocally) mouth all the dialogues.

What can one say about this movie that hasnt been said before. I spent another 3hours+ trying to find flaws. I managed to find one.

The 3D wasn’t needed.

Dad’s fav from Baghbaan

This.. goes as a tribute to my dad’s love for the movie Baghbaan! I have seen this particular scene more times than probably my all time favorite movies..

The favorite lines from this one remain –

1. “Aur rahi meri baat… to humari chinta to aap kijiyega mat” loosely translated as.. and in sofar as I am concerned.. you don’t need to worry about us

2. “Tum ho to hum hain.. aur hum hain to sab kuch hai.. warna.. kuch bhi nahi” (If you are there, I am… and if we are there, then there is everything.. Else, there is nothing)

Much as I hate to admit it, I actually like this scene a lot! 🙂 And I love you Dad!

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