10 Questions for Pope Benedict XVI, Now That He Has Resigned


So, we all know that Pope Benedict XVI, the leader of the Catholic Church, the 265th Pope, has resigned. This has been considered to be one extremely rare phenomenon, and the world has gone from being aghast to sad to crazy to ROFLMAO.

There’s lot of nice trending on Twitter and other places, and Mashable came up with twenty hilarious tweets, etc. So, I thought I’d chip in with my ten questions for Pope Benedict, the 16th one.

Ten Questions I have About the Pope’s Resignation

  1. What is the Poper process for Pope’s resignation?
  2. What is the notice period that he has to serve? If there isn’t one for one of the most important jobs (apparently), why is there one for mundane jobs like programming and consulting?
  3. Who’s going to conduct the exit interview for the Pope? Will the feedback about physical and mental demands of the job be incorporated while selecting the next Pope? Will the JD be refined for better work-life balance?
  4. Did the pope also jump with joy after putting in his papers? Like most human beings do? Heel-click? At least breathe a sigh of relief?
  5. Does he have another job offer?
  6. Is he planning a startup? Does he have funding? Is he looking for a consultant? Is offshoring part of the plan?
  7. Does the resignation turn him into a Poper… err… pauper? What is the pension scheme? How much wealth does a Pope have, typically?
  8. Will the Pope be at peace now? If no, why resign? If yes, then what was he doing for so many years communicating with God?
  9. Did the Pope have any unvested options? Considering how deeply vested he was in the religion?
  10. Did he also feel that his career had come to a standstill with nothing more to learn? In the modern day and age and with people’s increasingly dwindling faith in religious institutions? Did he feel overwhelmed by Social Media and the visible general outrage against his outrage on various issues?

Oh, and in case he’s answering these questions, my last and the most real question that I have been asked on my resignation in the past – how does it feel now that he has resigned?



Note: I am really scared of people with strong religious sentiments. Please understand that this post is all in good humor, and not to offend anyone’s sensibilities. I would if I could, but I don’t know of a market where you can buy some sense of humor or some tolerance. Peace!

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