Trivia : Magical Match of 1983

Today, I discovered a trivia about one of the greatest innings in ODI Cricket, and definitely the bravest innings of Indian Cricketing history. I am talking about the 175 Not Out innings played by Kapil Dev against Zimbabwe way back in 1983.

The trivia that I am talking about is that “This” was the “FIRST” Indian ODI Century EVER! Beat that! The first and most probably, the greatest! India were reduced to 17/5 , and one of the finest allrounder of all times did not just produce a fine innings, he broke a barrier that had existed since 1974 (when India played its first ODI)

Another interesting trivia about this innings – Exactly 100 runs were scored in boundaries (16 4s and 6 6s). 🙂

This is one match for which none of the media channels has got any video footage.

Statistically, in this match, Kapil scored more than 65% of the runs scored by the Indian team, while facing 38% of the deliveries. Impressive, Huh?

Kapil also took the last wicket of Zimb innings (John Traicos) to seal the match for India.

And a couple of matches down the line, he did take one of the most memorable catches (Of SIR Viv Richards, running backwards) for Indian cricket.

History is truly made of magical stuff!

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2 Responses to Trivia : Magical Match of 1983

  1. Amit says:

    Hehe! Anytime.. its one trivia worth finding! 🙂 REminds you of the glorious times of Indian cricket.. As Rare as Tigers in Jim Corbett! 😀


  2. Sreejith says:

    D, many thanks for finding this out for me 🙂


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