Featured Institution : Mann Deshi Udyogini – B-School for Poor Women

Came across this TOI Story in the morning about a B-school aimed at empowering women.

Our B-school, the Mann Deshi Udyogini (MDU), was launched in December 2006 with a Rs 7 lakh grant from HSBC. It is located at Vaduj near Satara. “

“Our courses on confidence building and financial literacy; bag-making, a two-hour biweekly session on spoken English (Rs 10 per session) and basic computer skills are immensely popular.”

This is a sign of where the rural India wants to go.

Our biggest challenge is how to meet the huge demand for such courses in rural areas. Also, our curriculum and training has to be innovative, low-cost and graphics-driven as most of the women are semi-literate. Another of our challenges is to involve the men so that they cooperate with their women, don’t feel left out and insecure.

I urge all you smart guys out there to think of ways you can help them.

Some other links to read about them are – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

They are based in Satara, Maharasthra.. Here is their website

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4 Responses to Featured Institution : Mann Deshi Udyogini – B-School for Poor Women

  1. hello aradhana,i am vishakha from mumbai & i am 14 yrs old.When i heard of ur best friend ruchika’s news on the t.v.,i was literally shocked & seriously felt like killing that bloody rathod , please fight for ur friend. The whole india suports u & ruchika. pls consol ruchila’s father.me & my friends will suport u whenever u fell weak in this siuation.i luv u & ruchika & i stand up & salute ur friendship that u fought 4 your friend 4 above 19 yrs.


  2. S K SAMAL says:

    The culprit must be punished. All involved in abetting the crime of S.P.S.Rathor should be punished so that the soul of Ruchika Girihotra could rest in peace.


  3. Amit says:


    Please contact the organization directly. If I meet someone from there, I would definitely pass on your contacts to them!


  4. Vibha Deshpande says:

    I am a Psychologist having my Psy.testing, counselling & training center at Satara. My area of work is Personality dev.,Confidence Building, stress mgmt. I would be happy to work with your org. If interested plz write back or give me a call on 94238668336.
    Vibha Deshpande


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