Those sixes… Poetry in Motion!

Ah! Those sixes
Sailing into the crowd
They made my day, my night too
Sailing into the crowd

Sweet revenge
Of a day gone bad
A memory I wish I never had

They sailed then too
They sailed today as well
I got them on the mainstream today
They got me on the filler.. well..

We saved the back.. back then…
We packed the punch today…
And so my blow seems bigger
The job was better done today

I said then – God it ain’t fair
I need my chance too now!
Oh my son!, God said – here is your turn
Make the whole world bow!

Some heaves, some cuts
Some classical lofts
Some outside in, some inside outs

Higher and higher, and a touch little higher
‘fore sailing in the crowd

My wait weight behind a few of them
My elegance marking some
Some brutal in their execution
Excitement marking some

I had no brawl back then
But a joker made me lose my cool
The king.. oops.. joker got slammed for one
Bawling on the full

The last one too.. the seventh heaven
Was just to please the crowd
And up she went, like a twinkling fairy
Sailing into the crowd…

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