Taare Zameen Par: Must Watch!

There are several movies that I have seen in the recent
times, but haven’t felt the urge to write about. Movies that were good –
Ratatouille, average – Michael Clayton, bad – I Am Legend, Strangers, etc.

But I saw Taare Zameen Par on X-mas. And believe you me, it’s
a great movie! I am full of words, emotions, reactions about the movie. But I
wont speak that much.

I think Darsheel Safari as Ishaan is the pick of this year’s
movies. As good as or better than Vinay Pathak in Bheja Fry. TZP is better than
the other few movies I would have picked (Chak De India, Bheja Fry and Gandhi-
My Father). Aamir Khan, the director outshines Aamir Khan the actor (who should
be given a special prize for having these movies – Dil Chahta Hai, Lagaan, Rang
De Basanti and now, TZP).

Tisca Chopra as Ishaan’s mother has pulled off a performance
that she could not in her primer (remember, a forgotten movie called “Platform”
starring Ajay Devgan?). And despite its fair share of flaws, melodrama and
stereotypes (Ishaan’s father, some of his teachers, for instance), the movie is
nothing short of a perfect 3 hour movie for me!


But kudos to Aamir Khan for having thought about a movie
like this, getting a kid to act something that kids naturally are(no cute scenes,
no big gyaan coming from them, no extreme circumstances expecting them to turn
into heroes, no turnarounds around the intermissions), and being so sensitive
while handling a topic which could have so easily become preachy.

And last thing – I think some of the songs of the movie are
exceptional – especially “tujhe sab hai pata, hai na maa”!

Watch it if you  were
to watch just one movie for the next 6 months! It is! That good!

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