Pappu Pass Hoga?

here vs here
Same pinch same pinch… 2 smart guys making the same wise quip! 😉

but yes…These are bails that
could bail out the UPA government.

If Life Was A Game Of Basketball

  • You would get enough time before the game to practice your dribbles and hoops and free throws and three points.
  • The practice is important. But you would realize that all that practice still does not prepare you for the big day.
  • You would get enough time after the game to reflect upon the game you played and think about changes for the next one.
  • You would be able to call for time-outs- some 20 second, some full timeouts.
  • You would get a chance to regroup your thoughts, plan nw strategies, plan offense, defense and steals and fouls.
  • A flagrant foul may end up ejecting you from the game on a bad day.
  • A mistake of yours may end up penalizing the whole team in the form of a team foul, and the team would not take too kindly to it (unless they have planned for it together).
  • As you go through the first quarter, you would realize that there are three more quarters to go.
  • As you get tired, you would realize that you can call for substitutes.
  • As you hit the paint, you would realize that you have only 3 seconds to get the ball in your hands, or leave the paint.
  • You would know that there are 3 point games which are more difficult to get, but more exciting if you get them.
  • You would know that there is a lot of happiness in the 2 point games where you dribble and you alley-hoop and you slam a one handed jammer.
  • You would know that it’s not wise to keep playing for 3 pointers all your time.
  • You would know that its ok to get fouled because you are getting a chance to put free throws in.
  • You would know that you need to save some breath for the final quarter when the game really heats up.
  • You would know that you can commit a technical foul even when you are not playing the game.
  • You would know that life is not just one game, but a series of games, if you hope to win the championship. That its ok to lose every once in a while.
  • You would know that knowing all this doesn’t stop you from hurting when you lose the game.
  • You would know that even if you are Michael Jordan, you still need a team to win.
  • You would know that if you change your team, you would need to give yourself time to understand your team-mates, and mould yourself into the new team. Or, mould the team around you (if you are a Michael Jordan).
  • You would know that its OK to have bad days on the court.
  • You would know that if you are brought down, medical help is close by.
  • You would know that beyond the 15 odd playing team-members there are hundreds and thousands of spectators, who may seem like distractions at times, but they are also the reason why the game exists as THE game.
  • You would know that the playmaker is as important as the shooter is as important as the defense guy.
  • You would know that a triple double is rare. And its ok to have people who jus score, but don’t defend that well.

I can go on and on… but its late in the night. And the game must go on….

Bringing to your notice – get yourself published

Recently, 2 interesting Lit things happened – The first is around someone easing the headache of getting something publish.. and the second is around someone I know getting something published..

1. I came across this forward about – India’s first publish your own book (self-publish) site. They allow you to get your book printed, provide you with a URL where you can sell it, and they will deliver it to the buyers, etc, etc. Read some of the features on the site.

a. Positives – Many!

i. Experimentally, you can publish books.

ii. You can advertise them yourself to your friends, family, orkutters, facebookers, etc. If the book picks up, you set the profitability margin… Or, purely, at the starting point, you can have a zero profit effort. Sell it at cost. Make a name for yourself. Sell the next one at some profit.

iii. Get a book published for that special someone. Etc etc.

iv. The cost of publishing a book is not prohibitive

b. Negatives – every TDH will want to publish a book in his/her name. The site will never build a credibility simply given the amount of junk it would publish. And more often than not, if someone makes it big here, they will be signed up by another publisher in the next pass.

2. An ex-colleague of mine published his book recently. And I guess it does take a lot of effort to do so. So congrats and all the best to him. I reproduce a couple of preliminary reviews and purchase information, etc. below. Please go ahead and encourage a budding author on the block. 3 reasons why you may want to buy the book –

a. Even though it IS written by an IIM-grad (and so the chance of worthless meandering are high), it’s not about B-schools! So, its not the usual rut!

b. It’s a collection of short stories. You don’t need to worry about the unfinished content if you don’t like it half way through.

c. It’s not expensive. If you are surfing the internet and reading this blog, usually, 100 odd bucks for a good read should not be a bad value proposition.

Anyways, just thought I would share these with you… Hopefully, both these ventures will get some of your attention..

Here is a bit more advertising for my friend’s book… (Before you ask the next question – Yes! I already have a copy.. and I will post my thoughts the moment I am done reading it)


Hello readers !

I am sure you all love to read novels/short stoties in leisure. A friend of mine has come up with a collection of short stories written by him called ‘To catch a smile’. You can find reviews here –

and also check its website and his blog

If you like it, you can order a copy from following websites at a price of Rs. 100,

The content I am posting here is from the review links provided above !



The recent book by an IIM Ahmedabad alumnus – “To Catch a smile” is making waves in the literary circles. Vivek is an alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad and is currently works at KPMG, the international advisory firm

These are not mere stories created for drama and impact. These are experiences narrated with retrospective introspection. These are thoughts which capture the inner turmoil and dilemmas. They make you laugh, make you smile but more importantly, they make you think. Anyone who has lived life can easily relate to them. Because these are not mere set of events, these are people reacting to events with their preconceived notions; these are moments where life comes up triumphantly. These are moments which can define lives for some. These are discreet words spilling some sweet secrets of your life. These are stories which seemed to have been pulled from a chapter of your life.

It seemed at first that the book would be like many a campus novels floating in the market. The trend that was started by Chetan Bhagat’s Five Point Someone and Tushar Raheja’s Anything For You Ma’am has given rise to potential authors who want to translate their campus experiences. I gave a quick look at the author’s profile. A knowing smile floated on my face as I saw the pedigree. IIMA graduate, working for an international consulting firm. Hah, another one cashing the recent wave, I thought. What must he be talking about, I wondered – his days at IIMA? His struggle through the years to get there or what he faced once he was in there trying to give us a cooked up narrative of what will get eyeballs? I would probably have sealed its fate right there but something caught my eye. It was not a novel; it was a short story collection instead. May be I can flip through a couple, I thought.

And I am glad I did. What struck me first was that it was not about IIM, it was about the person behind, which is what a story should be, I believe. As I kept finishing stories, more things occurred to me. After long, here was a collection of stories which was modern in real sense. It did not bank upon common notions about today’s life and how it should be; it actually brought them forth the way you and I would have witnessed. It does not tell me that today we face lot of dilemmas and temptations, that a lot of us lead a confused life where multiple choices are facing us every moment. Each story lives these feelings but it never says them aloud. The tension, the confusion in the stories is very palpable and so are the elements of curiosity and vulnerability. Never once it appears to have been written keeping an audience in mind other than writer himself.

He is very experimental with his style and narration. One moment it is abstract, the next moment it is subtle. If it is philosophical at one time, the next moment it is fun and exudes exuberance. It can be entertaining you with real life portrayal that you can relate to and at the same time it can transport you to a world where you feel engrossed in deep thoughts about life. I hate to use these words but I felt as if I could see writer’s soul in a few of them. I liked what I saw. It had a bit of mine in it.

Blasphemy.. Mahabharata Retold!

read this excerpt and follow the site for details –

oralius, princess of Romak had served the great sage, Durvasa, as a young girl. Durvasa was so pleased by her care and service that he taught her a mantra, a sacred formula to invoke and call upon any god whenever she wished. Without realizing the mantra’s significance, Noralius one day uttered the formula for fun and called upon the Sun-God. At once, the Sun-God appeared before her and demanded to unite with her in marriage. Soon she begot a son whom she cast away in the river by placing him in a basket. This baby later became the famous warrior named Karna who will fight for the evil Telhoth brothers.

As Lohas was blind, Godash crowned Prol the king. He also got him married to Noralius. After some time Prol got another queen, Madri. Later on Prol performed several heroic acts, which pleased Godash very much. Prol was very fond of hunting and always took both his wives on hunting expeditions. Once he shot an arrow at a mating pair of deer, which brought upon him the curse that if ever he embraced his wife in passion, it would bring about his death. Thus, he remained childless and almost became an ascetic, but he worried about his progeny. Then Noralius told him about the secret mantra given to her by Durvasa. He told her to invoke the God of Righteousness. In this manner, they got their first child whom they named Vilmaril, the resolute in war. Then Noralius invoked the wind god and begot Hugo. Later the king of the gods gave her Trilock. After this, Noralius taught the mantra to Madri, Prol’s second queen, who chanted the mantra and invited the Lord of thunder who gave her the twin sons, Nakula and Shakula. These were the five Prol brothers.

Wardoria, the wife of Lohas, also became pregnant but could not give birth for a long time. Being angered by this, she gave a severe blow to her belly, which aborted into lump of flesh. Just then Sage Yasa came there, divided the lump into pieces, and put them into a pot. From there came out a hundred sons and a daughter; the eldest was named Assura who would ultimately be the cause of the destruction of the Telhoth family. All these hundred sons were called the Telhoths.

While the five Prol brothers were undergoing their education, Prol one day embraced his wife Madri with passion and so died on the spot. The Prols came back to Godash. But there was bad news waiting. Sage Yasa appeared secretly to Yavati and told her that bad days were awaiting the Telhoth family. Thus Yavati decided to go to the forest along with Ambika and Ambalika and spend the remaining days in peace and penance.

Reminds you of something? Some story that we have all grown up with? downright blasphemy this is… And the suckers aren’t even trying to create a series out of the lesser known aspects of the greatest indian epic (which is just about being retold on tv, thanks to a certain KKKruel warrior)

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गज़ल – Ghazal

(१) ढलती शामों के उलझे साये में परवाज़ भी है

गुज़री रातों की सियाही में छुपा आज भी है

(२) मुर्दा चीखों में सुलगता है आनेवाला कल

बुझते शोलों में उम्मीदों का ईक आगाज़ भी है

(३) हैं कई दौर छुपे उम्र की गहराई में

हम हैं, तुम हो, और कई राज़ भी हैं

(४) बुत्कशी इल्म कभी, गर्दिश-ए-एहसास कभी

है अज़ां शोर कभी, कभी दाउद की आवाज़ भी है

(५) कह दो अपने खुदा से कल ना मुझॆ दिखलाए

झूठे वादों से शायर को ऐतराज़ भी है

dhalti shamon ki uljhe saaye mein parwaaz bhi hai
guzri raaton ki siyaahi mein chupa aaj bhi hai

murda cheekhon mein sulagta hai aane wala kal
bujhte sholon mein umeedon ka ik aagaaz bhi hai

hain kaii dauur chupe umR ki gehraii mein
hum hain, tum ho, aur koi raaz bhi hai

butKashi ilm kabhi, gardish-e-ehsaas kabhi
hai azaan shor kabhi, kabhi dawood ki awaaz bhi hai

keh do apne khuda se kal na mujhe dikhlaaye
jhoothe waadon se shayar ko aitraaz bhi hai

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Woh Jiski Deed Mein – Faiz by Abida

Have been meaning to write out this beautiful ghazal – Wo jiski deed mein…Again,a FAIZ-ABIDA combination… companion for a quiet evening.. Here is a feeble attempt at translating it – (with special thanks to DigDownDeep

Woh jiski deed mein laakhoun masarratein pinhaaan
Woh husn jiski tamanna mein jannat pinhaan

Just for a look at her, I have lost a million joys
And its the desire of her beauty, that I let go of my Prophet

Hazaar fitney tah-e-paa-e-naaz khaak-e-nasheen
Har eik nigaah khumar-e-shabaab se rangeen

Shabaab jis se takhaiyul pe bijliyaan barsein
Waqaar jiski rafaqat ko shokhiyaan tarsey

A thousand temptations rise and fall, with every delicate footprint of hers
In every eye, the colored dreams of her youthful beauty lie

The mere thought of her youth, strikes me from the heavens above
Yet my innocent mischievousness seeks the solemnity of her companionship

Ada-e-laghzisheiy paa par qyamatein qurbaan
Bayaz-e-rukh pey sahar ki sabahatein qurbaan

Siyaah zulfoun mein badaaon sa nikhatoun ka hujoom
Taweel raatoun ki khwabeedah raahatoun ka hujoom

In the delicacy of those misplaced feet, I can sacrifice eternities
To read a leaf, off the book of her face, I can let go of the morning wine

From her dark tresses, the intoxicating fragrance of wine lures,
Like the dreamy long nights and the promise of tranquility

Woh aankh jiski banao pe khaliq dey raae
Zabaan-e-shair ko tareef kartey sharmaae

Gudaaz jism qaba jispe sajke naaz karey
Daraaz qad jisey sarw-e-sahi namaz karey

The shape of her eyes is brooded over by the Almighty
And the poets finds themselves inadequate at praising her beauty

Whatever she wears is honored by the fall off her buxom body
Her tall personality is worshipped by the rich and the fakir

Kisi zamaney mein is rah-guzar sey guzraa thaa
Ba-sad guroor-o-tajammul idhar sey guzraa thaa

Aur ab ye raah guzar bhi hai dilfareb-o-haseen
Hai uski khaak mein kaif-e-sharab-e-sair makeen

There was a time, when I had cross these streets
And so full I was of pride and magnificence

But the times have changed, and these very streets allure me
As even your dust carries the exhilaration of wine and intoxication

Hawa mein shokhi-e-raftaar ki adaaein hain
Faza mein narmi-e-guftaar ki sadaen hain

Garaz vo husn is raah ka juzu-e-manzar hai
Niyaz-e-ishq kou eik sajda gaah maiyassar hai

The air is full of the coquettishness of youth and agility
The weather seems full of the warmth of a conversation

And the pursuit of her beauty is what the heart craves to witness
a mosque is never too far for a prayer of love

Some of the key words and their meanings –
Masarrat: Happiness, Joy; Pinhaan: Concealed, Hidden; Tah : Plait, fold, multiplicity, perplexity; Fitnaa: Sedition, Mischief, Quarrel, Revolt, Temptation, Wickedness; Naaz : coquetry, amorous playfulness; Shabaab: Juvenility, Youth ; takhaaiyul : imagination, fancy ; Waqaar : Solemnity ;rafāqat : companionship, society, friendship ; Shokhiyaan : Coquetry, Mischief, Restlessness; Laghzish: Blunder, Lapse, Mistake, Tottering ; Bayaaz: Album, Handbook, Notebook, Vade Mecum; Sahaba : Wine, Esp. Red Wine ; Rukh : Face, Cheek, Side ; Siyaah :Black, Dark ; Baadaa : Booze, Wine ; Nikhat: Fragrance; Hujoom: Assault, Attack, Crowd, Onset, Throng, Tumult ; Taweel: Extended, Lengthy, Long ; Raahat : Quiet, rest, repose, ease, tranquillity; Banaao : Appearance, form, shape, colour, Adornment; Khaliq : The Great Creator, the Originator ;Gudaaz: Well-Mixed, Well-endowed ;Daraaz : Long, tall; Qaba: Gown, Long Coat Like Garment ;Sarw : Affluent, Opulent, Rich, Wealthy; Sahi : A religious mendicant, a Mohammadan faqīr; Tajammul : Dignity, pomp, splendour, magnificence; guroor : pride, vanity, haughtiness; Ba-sad : by a hundred; Dil fareb : Alluring, Beautiful, Charming, Enticing; Sair : Walk, Excursion, Stroll; Makeen : Firmly fixed; well-established;–in a high station; Kaif: exhilaration, Happiness, Intoxication, Joy; Fiza ; Atmosphere, Environment; guftaar : discourse, conversation ; Raftaar: Going, motion, walk, gait, pace; Shokhi : Playfulness, fun, mischief; pertness, sauciness; coquetry, wantonness; Garaz: An object of aim or pursuit, or of desire; aim, end, object, design, view, purpose; Manzar: Aspect, Countenance, Landscape, Scene, Visage ; Niyaz : Petition, supplication, prayer; Mayassar: easy, feasible, practicable; favourable

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Asia Cup Final – one beats eleven

Lethal weapon, I must say

It was quite something to watch him demolish the Indian top order. And barring a couple of bad shots (like Raina’s), the credit goes totally to the man of the moment. Did people notice his front wrist action and the way he was turning the ball both ways with an almost similar action? Not even the usual agonizing ways of doosra! But for the fact that the spin-inexperienced Indian side were getting thulped, I loved this young lad’s bowling.

And to classify my last statement, yes- that’s what I think. MSD, Yuvi, Rohit, Raina and Gambhir are all good and nice. But not the best when it comes to playing quality spin bowlers. Indian batsmen of yesteryears, known to belittle the spinners across the globe, where art thou???

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